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Sunday, April 18th

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Last week’s scriptures focused on seeing with Thomas stating he wanted to see the nail-scarred hands of the Savior to know he had risen as we shared testimonies of the resurrection power today. This week’s scriptures focus on touching with Jesus trying to ground the disciples’ faith in the reality of his presence, in the concreteness of his being. He told them to touch him; he ate in front of them. He was announcing that he was real. What can we provide, what hands-on proof can we give that Jesus is alive among us? Of course, we have been in a pandemic and touching is still not something we want to engage in. But we still know and feel examples of lives being touched, and hearts being touched.


What examples do we see, envision, and feel led to act upon to prove Jesus’ presence? What work do we do to show our commitment to the “Risen Way,” otherwise known as the “work of Easter.” Essentially the way or foundation of our faith. How do we live our faith today? How do we interact with our community, meeting their needs in a socially distanced world? How do we prove our Lord is risen indeed? Our words and stories are a great start, but how do we act or show our faith? Maybe our Soup Kitchen Ministry or another outreach program we currently have, or a new addition?


Is anything too wonderful for our God? Come, let us worship the Risen Savior! 

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