Why become a member of the Zion Reformed United Church of Christ?
Membership is taking the leap of belonging. In the covenant of membership, a person and the congregation promise one another to be in relationship with God and with one another. You join a journey in progress of people who are also trying to figure out how to live in the model of Jesus. In the thousand small tasks of being a community, to the decisions about community goals or how to spend money, you’ll practice together being Christian, figuring it out together as you go along. Over time you’ll be known and loved as you are, grand and flawed, and you will find deep friendships. Of course, at Zion Reformed UCC some people who journey with us have chosen not to make that commitment official. Membership has one significant perk – voting in the big decisions of being a church: setting direction for the community, calling a pastor, choosing our leaders, and spending our shared financial resources.
Getting to know if this congregation is a good fit
Start by meeting Pastor Scott for coffee, tea, soda and conversation. He can help you connect to people with shared interests and answer your theological questions. Hopefully you have already found new friends at Zion Reformed UCC and have begun to engage in some of the work of the congregation. You are welcome to lend your ideas and talents to any study or service group.
Requesting membership
Tell Pastor Scott or our Consistory President, Kim Ridenour, that you would like to join Zion Reformed UCC. They will schedule a meet to discuss any questions you may have and then the joining ceremony (which happens during worship). If you are already a member at another church, they will arrange to transfer your membership.
The joining ceremony
You officially join the church through a ceremony during worship. You promise to be part of the congregation, we promise to welcome and support you, and together we promise to seek to be a community who lives in the way Jesus taught and the Spirit inspires.
Youth join the church through participation in a confirmation of faith series. If they choose to be confirmed, they go through the same joining ceremony as adults; a special Confirmation Sunday in spring includes that ceremony.
Life after joining
We are on a journey together. Let us support you when you need help. Share your gifts of talent and money. Be Christ’s body in the wider community. Ask questions, challenge the status quo, dream big. Invite those you know to join you at a Zion Reformed UCC event.