The Rev. Dr Eric Scott Winnette was born in Tennessee. A summary of his life: romp of a childhood, middle-school okay, high school okay, college (computer programming) great, programmer, then two years to discern ministry as a Missionary to England and then Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, seminary great, student pastor in Oregon and West Virginia, first call in Bethesda, received Doctorate in preaching, then second call in Rockville, now ZRUCC.
Scott is married to Anthony Stephen Moscato Jr., an attorney with the United States Homeland Security in immigration. They live on a small farmette in Myersville, MD.
Scott is passionate about ministry building a family of Christ, crafting meaningful worship services, inspiring service, and pursuing a life of humble faith.
Rev. Dr. E. Scott Winnette, Pastor:
Kim Ridenour, Director of Christian Education, and Consistory President:
Rae Smith, Church Administrative Assistant:
Carroll Sager, Consistory Secretary
Lisa Saum, Treasurer
Claire Marie Moblard, Director of Music/Organist
Byron L. Stay, Choir Director
Brandon Hackett, Multimedia Specialist