On February 19th the ONA Team hosted a luncheon after our Sunday service and asked those who attended the following questions.  Here are the responses we received:


What are the ministry opportunities?

  • “Outreach ministry to ostracized LGBTQ+ youth, especially those who have been kicked out of their home.”
  • “Not giving up on people and let people know that they are never alone.
  • “Too many to list. Open our minds, hearts, and doors to everyone. Leave no one out.”

What are your hopes as we become ONA?

  • “Hope to open eyes to the fact that we are ALL children of God!!
  • ” I hope for church growth and outreach growth, events more visible.”
  • “That we can welcome all people in.”

What are your concerns?

  • “That some will not accept ONA. That some will lie about it. Some will leave.”
  • “I am concerned that Zion will not be 100% behind being ONA.”
  • ” Rainbow folks would not FEEL welcomed and accepted.”

How do we show we are ONA? 

  • “Amend our welcome statement. Online icon. Supervised by Pastoral Care Committee.
  • ” Advertise anyway possible! FB, website, outside signs. Make it known ALL are welcome!
  • “I would open a webpage to help answer ONA questions.”

How do we feel about… Displaying a Pride flag or banner outside?

  • “All for it!”
  • “Yes!”
  • “Yes, would be good to display a Pride flag to advertise and draw people in.”

How do we feel about… Rainbow support groups in our church?       

  • “Weekly!”
  • “Absolutely love the idea!”
  • “Good heavens, Yes!”

How do we feel about… LGBTQ+ youth outreach?

  • “Rainbow youth groups, Rainbow outreach”
  • ” That would be awesome!”
  • “Let’s do it! Let’s go!”
Click here for the Proposed Welcome Statement – review, complete and return it to the church office.