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Fellow Consistory Members,

Welcome to the new consistory homepage. This page will be the online access for consistory members to find important documents 24/7 such as the current year budget (proposed version and approved version), Covenantal Agreement, Standing Committees, Constitution and Bylaws, Approved Monthly Meeting Minutes, Internal Church Calendar, Consistory Members Term Sheet, and etc. It is not the monthly meeting documents location but a source document homepage so to speak of important refence documents that are important to us as consistory members.

This page that you are currently viewing is a temporary page to hold us over until the unveiling of the new website set to occur later this month which is why you currently only see the calendar and none of the other documents mentioned above. You will also notice that this page is not password protected but only an unlinked page within our website meaning that a link or button to this page is not found anywhere on the website, nor is the URL shared with anyone outside of the consistory, but should someone type in the URL ( for some reason, they would be able to view this page. On the new website the consistory section will be password protected so only consistory members are able to access that section.

Should you have any recommendations or suggestions of things to incorporate within the password protected consistory section on the new website based on the information above, feel free to let Michael know at

About the Calendar:

The calendar embedded is the Church Calendar that was previously given out in print format during our monthly meetings. Providing it online gives each member a live view of the calendar instead of a live snapshot at the time of printing. It saves toner and paper, providing an environmentally-conscious choice. It allows you to view not 0nly 6-months but to infinity (past, present, and future). This calendar is the INTERNAL version of our calendar meaning it includes maintenance reminders, staff holidays and days off, administrative task reminders, and more, in addition to approved church events. A public calendar will be available on the new website which will only include church events and holidays which will be for anyone to view from the public to our church members and participants to our committee heads.

To have an event or listing added to the calendar, please complete the Calendar Listing Request Form:

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Request an event, reminder, or other calendar listing be added to the church calendar:

Add the Church Calendar to your personal calendar app such as Google Calendar or iCalendar as a "subscribed calendar using this server URL:


Constitution and By-Laws (Amended 2009)

Constitution and By-Laws (Amended 2002)